Collaborative Concepts
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Exhibition Committee

Member of the exhibition committee for the Shaunders project include:

Eric Arctander, Jo-Ann Brody, Elizabeth Barksdale, Jodi Carlson, Sarah Haviland, Jim Lloyd, Michael Anthony Natiello, and Herman Roggeman.
Thom Joyce for music and Marcy B. Freedman for performance.

The Farm Project 2013
Collaborative Concepts at Saunders Farm
853 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison NY 10524

Aug. 31, Sat., 2-6 pm: Opening Reception
(Rain date: Sun., Sept. 1 or Mon., Sept. 2)
Performance Art from 2:00 pm
Music from 3:30 pm

Sept. 28, Sat., 2-6 pm: Mid-Run Reception
(Rain date: Sun. Sept., 29)
Performance Art: Prior to reception - Noon to 2 pm
Art in the Highlands:
Opera: Career Bridges directed by David Bender
Theatre: Blue Horse Repertory directed by LoraLee Ecobelli
Dance: Dance Entropy directed by Valerie Green

Oct. 26, Sun.: Close of Exhibition,
with a seasonally appropriate closing.

From north or south on Route 9, turn east on Travis Corner Road, opposite Garrision Golf Club, take to end, there turn left on Old Albany Post Road, approx 1/2 mile to parking. Call 265-taxi From Metro North RR, Garrison Station.

The Farm Project Site Map 2013

map 9/24/13

This is the latest map as of 9/23/13

Collaborative Artists, 2013 (performance artists in orange)

John Allen
Inez Andrucyk
Scott Baer
Elizabeth Barksdale
John Belardo
Ben Birillo
Lea Bolotin
Cindy Booth
Jo-Ann Brody
Susan Buroker
Jodi Carlson
Diana Carulli
Steven Ceraso
Ada Cruz
decomposer (8/31 only)
Augie Dellavecchia
Katrina Ellis
Florencia Escudero
Marcy B. Freedman (8/31 only)
Barbara Galazzo
Janet Goldner
Ruth Hardinger
Sarah Haviland
George Heintz
Barney Hodes
Cathrin Hoskinson
Anne Huibregtse
Elena Kalman
Bernard Klevickas

Kevin Laverty
Jim Lloyd
Brook Maher
John Martin
Lynne Mayocole
Maureen McCourt
Mick McMcGuire
Maria Driscoll McMahon (9/28 only)
James Mulvaney
Michael Natiello
David Provan
Winn Rea
Karen Roff
Herman Roggeman
Steve Rossi (8/31 only)
Mario Rusich
Peter Schlemowitz
Fred Schlitzer           
Roy Staab
Kevin Stapp
Naomi Teppich
Jim Thomson
Alex Uribe
Tara Vamos (8/31 & 9/28)
Robert VanWinkle
Chuck von Schmidt
Eva Whorley
Ellen Wilkinson
Max Yawney

images from field i

Field i from parking lot to first gate:
Inez Andrucyk,' 'treesprites' acrylic on wood.
John Belardo, 'Liberty’s Face' aluminum and wood.
Ben Birillo 'Untitled'steel
Lea Bolotin 'Treecycle' bicycle wheels, water bottles, fishing line, vines, branches.
Ruth Hardinger, 'Continuous Draw #7' sequester carbon. anchor ropes. box & box. rite. change. prints.
Bernard Klevickas, 'One into Many into One' upcycled abandoned bicycles, oxy, argon, nitrogen tanks;
Naomi Teppich, 'Terra Stele' ferro cement, vermont marble, cement enamel.
Ellen Wilkinson ' Sky, Grass, Earth, Stone' plywood.

field ii art

Field ii uphill to top:
Susan Buroker 'Corn Fields' steel, stainless steel, sapele mahogany.
Steven Ceraso 'Hydra' buoys, mannequin heads, welded steel, wood.
Jim Lloyd 'Cabaret Voltaire' welded scrap steel, bicycle wheel and plastic head.
Maureen McCourt 'POM! POM! Extravaganza' ladder, pom poms, glue.
John Martin 'Red on White and Blue #3 - Divided' painted bamboo, steel, solar lights, wood.
Karen Roff 'Outcrop' concrete, engineered metal, metallic finishes, mixed stones.
Eva Thomson-Whorley 'Resonance' TV satellite dish and frame, stainless steel wire.
Chuck von Schmidt 'Nomme de Terre' wood, steel.

Field iii art

Field iii top of ridge::
Diana Carulli 'attachment 2 Attachmen't rust-patinated box steel, plastic cord.

Katrina Ellis 'What we do in secret' repurposed fabric.
Sarah Haviland 'Columbina' reinforced cement.
Barney Hodes 'Asian Portraits' black concrete.

Anne Huibregtse 'Ciao Chow' mixedmedia
Kevin Laverty 'Untitled' painted wood, nylon twine, washers.
James Mulvaney 'The Integrity of Caring' painted plywood, wooden studs.

Field 3 work (more)

David Provan 'The Geometry of Light' powder-coated steel, PEX tubing.
Herman Roggeman 'Pink Elephant' steel.
Fred Schlitzer 'Mary’s hair in the morning' copper, enamel paints, steel.
James Thomson 'over the moon' recycled and reclaimed objects.
Robert Van Winkle 'Untitled'

Max Yawney 'Fog Horn / Stickman' mixed media paints on wood and plastic.

Field iv art

Field iv river view:
John Allen 'Introduction to the Universe' stone.
Elizabeth Barksdale 'Tree Toys' PVC & colored duct tape.
Jo-Ann Brody 'Huddled Figures' fossilcrete, steel, foam.
Jodi Carlson 'Waking Up' aluminum.
Augie Della Vecchia / Scott Baer 'Tree of Knowledge' communicaton hardware, copper ribbon.
Florencia Escudero 'Moon Sauce' dye, spray paint, tape.
George Heintz 'Cut Ties' wood, metal.
Mario Rusich 'Weapon of Mass Destruction, ca. 2063'.

Field 5 images

Field v north ridge :
Cindy Booth / Barbara Galazzo 'Celestia' steel and fused glass.
Ada Pilar Cruz 'Working Woman - installation'
Janet Goldner 'Interesting Times' vinyl banners, steel cable.
Cathrin Hoskinson 'Forest Moon' mirrored plexiglas, aluminum.
Elena Kalman 'Eyes' wood and plexiglass boxes with multi-media collage inside.
Mick McGuire 'Social Network' aluminum, steel.
Brook R. Maher 'Bowling with Hendrick Hudson’s Half Moon Crew' found materials.
Lynne Mayocole' Big Spook Little Spook' mixed media.
Michael Natiello 'redneck gong' timber and steel.
field v art
Winn Rea 'Double Arbor Helix' rubber bands from recycled bicycle tires, fallen tree branches.
Peter Schlemowitz 'Dienos Sauros' reinforced plywood.
Kevin Stapp 'Rest' manilla rope, sisal rope, sisal twine.
Alex Uribe 'Eruption' brick, PVC, bamboo.

Over the pond:
Roy Staab 'SKYBOW' mug wart, goldenrod, reeds, weeds, jute and bailing twine.

EcoArtSpace Artist

Performance art
Performance Art:
decomposer, Marcy B. Freedman, Maria Driscoll McMahon, Steve Rossi, Tara Vamos

Dance, Opera, Theatre:


Valerie Green/Dance Entropy will perform WILD KINGDOM a vibrant fun filled afternoon of dance for the whole family to enjoy including audience participation.
Choreography by Valerie Green
Performed by Amy Adams, Emily Diers, Laureen Elizabeth, Kristin Licata, Hana Ginsburg, Valerie Green, Raleigh Veach, Yayoi Suzuki


Opera: Career Bridges directed by David Bender
Rachel Arky, Samantha Britt, Robert Balonek, Valentina Fleer, Michael Fennelly, Blake Freedman,
David Bender.

Theatre images
Theatre: Blue Horse Repertory directed by LoraLee Ecobelli

'Tennessee on The Farm"
A collage of Tennessee Williams short plays, private letters and musings directed by Roger Hendricks Simon
Roger Hendricks Simon, *Judy Allen, Elizabeth Breslin, Jeff Green, *Lora Lee Ecobelli, *Nancy Rothman, *James Occhino
*Member of Actors Equity Assoc.

Cold Spring Open Studios

Following on the success of the past two years, Cold Spring Arts announces its third Open Studios Tour. We hope you will visit the galleries and studios of the 25 participating artists in the Cold Spring/Garrison area, from noon to 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 28 and 29. Collaborative Concepts Farm Project 2013 is honored to again be a part of Open Studios.

Pick up a map at the Garrison Art Center that directs you to other galleries and artists' studios--maps also located at other establishments on Main Street in Cold Spring. For more information and to view the artists and map, please visit www.ColdSprin or call 845-265-3618.